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Regularized Optimization for Hypers-spectral Analysis (ROHSA)

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Source Code

Source Code

!! Regularized Optimization for Hypers-spectral Analysis (ROHSA)
program ROHSA

  use mod_constants
  use mod_start
  use mod_inout
  use mod_rohsa
  implicit none

  logical :: noise           !! if false --> STD map computed by ROHSA with lstd and ustd (if true given by the user)
  logical :: regul           !! if true --> activate regulation
  logical :: descent         !! if true --> activate hierarchical descent to initiate the optimization
  integer :: n_gauss         !! number of gaussian to fit
  integer :: n_gauss_add     !! number of gaussian to add at each step
  integer :: m               !! number of corrections used in the limited memory matrix by LBFGS-B
  integer :: lstd            !! lower bound to compute the standard deviation map of the cube (if noise .eq. false)
  integer :: ustd            !! upper bound to compute the standrad deviation map of the cube (if noise .eq. false)
  integer :: iprint          !! print option 
  integer :: iprint_init     !! print option init
  integer :: maxiter         !! max iteration for L-BFGS-B alogorithm
  integer :: maxiter_init    !! max iteration for L-BFGS-B alogorithm (init mean spectrum)
  real(xp) :: lambda_amp     !! lambda for amplitude parameter
  real(xp) :: lambda_mu      !! lamnda for mean position parameter
  real(xp) :: lambda_sig     !! lambda for dispersion parameter
  real(xp) :: lambda_var_amp !! lambda for variance amplitude parameter
  real(xp) :: lambda_var_mu  !! lambda for variance mean position parameter
  real(xp) :: lambda_var_sig !! lambda for variance dispersion parameter
  real(xp) :: amp_fact_init  !! times max amplitude of additional Gaussian
  real(xp) :: sig_init       !! dispersion of additional Gaussian

  character(len=512) :: filename_parameters !! name of the parameters file (default parameters.txt)
  character(len=512) :: filename            !! name of the data file
  character(len=512) :: fileout             !! name of the output result
  character(len=512) :: filename_noise      !! name of the file with STD map (if noise .eq. true)
  character(len=8)   :: init_option !!Init ROHSA with the mean or the std spectrum    

  real(xp), dimension(:,:,:), allocatable :: data        !! initial fits data
  real(xp), dimension(:,:), allocatable   :: std_cube    !! standard deviation map fo the cube is given by the user 

  !Print header and get filename in argument
  call get_command_argument(1, filename_parameters)
  !Default user parameters
  n_gauss = 6
  n_gauss_add = 0
  lambda_amp = 1._xp
  lambda_mu = 1._xp
  lambda_sig = 1._xp
  lambda_var_amp = 0._xp
  lambda_var_mu = 0._xp
  lambda_var_sig = 1._xp
  amp_fact_init = 2._xp/3._xp
  sig_init = 5._xp
  maxiter_init = 15000
  maxiter = 800
  m = 10
  noise = .false.
  regul = .true.
  descent = .false.
  lstd = 1; ustd = 20
  init_option = "mean"
  iprint = -1
  iprint_init = -1
  !Read parameters
  call read_parameters(filename_parameters, filename, fileout, filename_noise, n_gauss, n_gauss_add, &
       lambda_amp, lambda_mu, lambda_sig, lambda_var_amp, lambda_var_mu, lambda_var_sig, amp_fact_init, &
       sig_init, init_option, maxiter_init, maxiter, m, noise, regul, descent, lstd, ustd, iprint, iprint_init)

  !Load data
!   print*, "filename = '",trim(filename),"'"
  call read_cube(filename, data)
  if (noise .eqv. .true.) then
     if (filename_noise == " ") then
        print*, "--> noise = .true. (no input rms map)"
     end if
     call read_map(filename_noise, std_cube)
  end if
  write(*,*) ""
  write(*,*) "opening file and reading data"
  !Call ROHSA subroutine
  call main_rohsa(data, std_cube, fileout, n_gauss, n_gauss_add, lambda_amp, &
       lambda_mu, lambda_sig, lambda_var_amp, lambda_var_mu, lambda_var_sig, amp_fact_init, sig_init, &
       maxiter_init, maxiter, m, noise, regul, descent, lstd, ustd, init_option, iprint, iprint_init)  
end program ROHSA